Kash Visit


The trip to Kashechewan First Nation from Attawapiskat First Nation yesterday went very smoothly. However, the James Bay winter road still needs to be improved like years before though. Yup, yup, yup!

Anyhoo, day 19 for being off Facebook now. My friends tell me that others are saying i’ll be back in Facebook anytime now. Hahaha! Ever! Not even! Ever sick! :)

A lone wolf is at the dump area again. To it, the dump must smell very nice. You know, the discarded food. Lol

Okay, that’s it. Later again! Hage! ;)

I am an Attawapiskat Bloggist and who are you?


How’s everyone on this beautiful sunny Monday afternoon?

This new Myknet Homepages site sure is a very complicated site.

Is there anyone out there that is kind enough to give me a few tips? How do you make the background colored? Where do you go to post up a photo? You know, that kind of crap. Lol jk :D

Oh yeah, I have been off Facebook for 14 days now. How cool is that? Very cool eh? I found that Facebook took too much time away from me. Myknet Homepages doesn’t do that. I think??? Lol

K, you Myknet Homepages experts, drop me an email… creeyellowlegs@knet.ca

Eh koo sha neh pehkoo. Wachiiyek! ;)