I am an Attawapiskat Bloggist and who are you?


How’s everyone on this beautiful sunny Monday afternoon?

This new Myknet Homepages site sure is a very complicated site.

Is there anyone out there that is kind enough to give me a few tips? How do you make the background colored? Where do you go to post up a photo? You know, that kind of crap. Lol jk :D

Oh yeah, I have been off Facebook for 14 days now. How cool is that? Very cool eh? I found that Facebook took too much time away from me. Myknet Homepages doesn’t do that. I think??? Lol

K, you Myknet Homepages experts, drop me an email… creeyellowlegs@knet.ca

Eh koo sha neh pehkoo. Wachiiyek! ;)


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